Last year 371,000 new timeshares were sold and the industry increased sales by 11% to $7.6 Billion.  The average sales price increased by 9%!  They make another $4 Billion on finance with an average interest rate of 16.99%. 

It is harder to get out of your timeshare anymore and there are laws in the various state senates that will make it almost impossible for you to transfer your deed to someone else.  Your resort spent a lot of money in marketing you to get you to buy in the first place.  Because timeshare is deeded, it is tied to your estate.  The problem is, unlike land or your house, which has an expectation of appreciation, timeshare has a debt called maintenance fees.  It is a depreciating asset.  And 650% profit buys a lot of lobbyists.  

VCS has relationships with developers to get you out of your deed. Call us to see if your deed qualifies.

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