Did your sales rep lie to you?  

We’ve all heard the phrase, “one bad apple can spoil the bunch.”  That is true in any business and Timeshare is not immune to the sales rep who misleads.  Remember, when sales reps hit max bonus, they make 15% commission.  I met a rep recently who sold $700,000 in a month on the ridiculous idea that the owner’s children will have to pay inheritance tax on their timeshare because of what the company says it is worth.  But if they buy this “new” program, then the kids are immune.  Completely untrue, but he made $105,000 in one month!  

We’ve heard it all:  it’s an investment that will increase in value, you can rent it and make money for life, and maintenance fees will never go up.    

If you weren’t lied to, but you purchased without a full understanding of the financial commitment or maybe your life changed and you can no longer afford it and if you still have a mortgage on your timeshare, there are programs that might relieve you of the stress and save you thousands of dollars.

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