VCS Testimonials

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Juliette B. - Dearborn, MI

Very helpful in letting us know the timeshare changes.  Very informative.  

Jerry & Sharon R. - Woolrich, NJ

We had a very complicated problem.  Chandler is the best!  He worked with us and was able to resolve the issue.  Thank you so much.  He was great to work with - kept a level head and communicated each step of the way.  5 stars for Chandler!  

Bene H. - Dearborn, MI

It was probably the best and most informative presentation on timeshares.  I thought there was going to be high pressure salesman, trying to get us to buy something.  There was none of that.  Just educational information, to help make an intelligent decision.  This is the best event on timeshare I've been to in 22 years.

Les S. - San Jose, CA

Very positive, and it will give me some time to think about my next step.

Janis B. - Greensboro, NC

I had the pleasure of attending a very professional presentation by Vacation Consulting Services.
The consultant was pleasant, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I felt that I was talking with a
friend and not pressured in any way. It is delightful to meet business professionals who not only
speak the language of lay people, but who truly care about people in general.


Louis & Deloris C. - Birmingham, AL

The presentation was very educational.  The representative was professional, informative and very knowledgable of his job.   He explained in detail the service and the purpose of the presentation.


Diana S. - Forsyth, MO

VCS informed us of unseen things in the contract with the timeshares we held.  The unseen things that happen when your timeshare is passed on when you die to your beneficiaries.  The extra fees, liens that can be imposed on your beneficiaries which could be a burden to them.

Fred & Pam W. - Burleson, TX

It was a pleasure for Pam and I to have met you and Eddie last week.  We were very pleased that you both worked so well with us to get us through the first stages of the process.  Initially, we really did not know what to expect at the first meeting.  We appreciate the fact that there was no "High Pressure" techniques used during the entire process and that we were given ample time to decide if we wished to pursue the offered arrangement.  I think above all, it was that you and Eddie were genuinely interested in helping us get out of our Marriott Vacation Club ownership.  Eddie was very knowledgeable about the process and readily answered our questions.  If there was something he was not sure about, he would go and get the answer.  

At the first meeting we had trepidations regarding the process.  I did some research on your company and could find only one complaint.  The issue was put to rest when we read the company's chief executives answer and how he made things right.  We feel confident that we made a good decision to move forward.   As for this agreement, the best result for us will be when the deed is finally moved to a new responsible party.  

We appreciate your follow up calls and e-mail, in which it was stated that Vacation Consulting Services will support us through the entire process. 

Thank you for managing this process for us.

Bob O. - Sioux City, IA

I wasn’t sure if I should trust Brian and his team.  We met with them in Omaha and we liked them, but we had been burned before.  When Brian explained to us that he wasn’t trying to sell our timeshare, but instead was completely taking it out of our name, it made more sense to us.  He took the time to explain his business model and the behind the scenes.  Most importantly, my wife was very worried and he called us every week to keep us in the loop and make her feel safe and he always called us back.  We are now out of both of our timeshares and VCS did exactly what they said they would do. 


Gene M. - Little Rock, AR

On Christmas Eve, Brian left me a message on my voicemail telling me that we were no longer responsible for our two timeshares!  I didn’t hear it until Christmas morning.  It was one of the best gifts I could ask for.  The best part about this company is they always called me back.  I always knew where we were in the process and that meant a lot to me. 


Gayle & Harriet B. - Monett, MO

Brian sat down with us at a restaurant and talked with my wife and I about our timeshare.  We are getting old and my kids can’t afford the maintenance fees, but I wanted them to still travel because we have taken so many great family vacations over the years.  VCS was able to get us into the RCI pure points using my equity which saved me $2,000 a year on maintenance fees.


Phil & Donna D. - Valley Falls, KS

We paid a company to try and sell our timeshare and lost $3,000!  Brian was very understanding of our mistrust in the industry and took the time to explain how it would work.  We texted him and called him so many times and he and Laurie Stowers always called us back.   They did exactly what they said they would do and we appreciate it.  


Dennis S. - Ankeny, IA

After my wife passed, I didn’t want to leave my timeshare to my kids without some protection against the maintenance fees.  I used my Wyndham and always enjoyed it and I wanted my kids to enjoy the same thing for their children.  The Wyndham Maintenance Fee Protection allows me to do that.  Once I signed up, I was immediately given a counselor who takes care of my account and now if the kids don’t want to use it, I feel better knowing they won’t have to pay the fees.  I even drove through Nixa, MO on my way to Texas to make sure he was legit.  Sure enough, he and his staff were in their offices and they made time to meet with me.   


Michele D. - Memphis, TN

I met VCS in Memphis.  They spent two hours teaching me how to use what I already owned without asking for a dime.  When I decided that I wanted to move into points, they worked with my resort and helped me get into the points system. They were very proactive in their communication with me.  I’m very happy with their service. 

Past Successes


Mortgage Relief: $100,000

A couple from Tulsa, OK owned three time-shares with three of the largest companies in the industry. They were in their 80’s and never used them. Their children didn’t want the burden, and their monthly fees including maintenance fees were over $10,000 a year.  VCS was able to relieve them of their debt!

Wyndham Relief: Saving $2,750 a year on Maintenance Fees

A couple in Ruston, LA owned over 1,000,000 points with Wyndham.  Just like many Wyndham owners, they over purchased and were left with more points than they could use each year. They weren’t sure if their children could afford the $5,900 annual maintenance fee. The Wyndham Relief program guaranteed them $2,750 annually for maintenance fees and still allowed them to travel three times a year.  

Equity Trade: Trade into the Pure Points System, no Maintenance Fees

A couple in Milwaukee, WI had 4 fixed/floating weeks at various resorts totaling $2,900 in maintenance fees annually. They still wanted to travel, but didn’t want the financial burden each year. VCS used their equity to trade into the Pure Points system with no maintenance fees. Relieving them of deeded timeshare took away the burden now and in the future.