Photo Credit: VCS Quality Assurance Officer

Photo Credit: VCS Quality Assurance Officer

Vacation Consulting Services takes a hands-on approach for our clients.  We are an active participant in your experience. We believe timeshare can be a great value if used correctly, but that takes knowledge of how the industry works. Our consultants have worked for some of the largest timeshare companies in the world. 

As we worked in the industry, it became abundantly clear to us that timeshare had one very large issue: Lack of Education.

Where do owners go for a clear understanding?  They attend an “hour and a half” long presentation that lasts 17 hours and they are inundated with information. In fairness it is a hard system to explain and anyone would be lucky to remember 10%. Usually, owners go back to their original company and ask for help, but most timeshare companies don't have a customer service agent at the resorts so they send them on another sales presentation, where they are only getting a limited point of view.

Timeshare started in the US in 1966.  Keeping up with this ever-changing industry is not something most owners want to deal with, which unfortunately, can drastically affect their ownership.

These are all questions that Vacation Consulting Services answers everyday.
We have discovered a need and it’s a need the industry should embrace because an educated owner is a happy owner.

Let us help you maximize your value because planning a vacation shouldn’t cause you to need a vacation.