Wyndham Vacation Resorts has the most owners of any timeshare company in the world.  They are geniuses the way they deed you at multiple locations. When your maintenance fees rise at one location, but lower somewhere else, they sell you on paying for more points in order to move your deed to a lower maintenance fee property.  This is a little game I call “chasing maintenance fees.”  

The effect of this is that most Wyndham owners have more points than they can use.  This strategy has been such a success that Wyndham had to recently change their VIP criteria.  The VIP level went from 300,000 points to 400,000 points.  The VIP Gold went from 500,000 points to 750,000 points and the VIP Platinum went from 1,000,000 points to 1,200,000 points.  

NOW there is a new program where your maintenance fees are guaranteed to be paid on points you can’t use from year to year. This has been one of our most successful programs as Wyndham owners finally have a GUARANTEED relief.  Over 4,000 Wyndham owners have signed up so far!

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